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Sharing My Talents

I read somewhere a very obvious fact, however this is not something I have done in the past.  Photograph all of your finished projects.  You can then remember what that project looked like, and use the photo for myriad purposes.  In this case the gift wasn't ready for the gift-giving day, so I took a picture of it drying in the mold, and showed my Dad the picture below.
This is the stepping stone I made for my Dad for Fathers' Day 2010.  My first attempt at stepping stones, I used a kit purchased from A.C. Moore, but the design was freehand.  I added the word BEAUTY as a fill-in because I didn't like the blank space there, and because I appreciate sharing the beauty of nature with my parents - birds and flowers in their yard especially. I enjoyed the process of this craft, but I can't wait to start making more jewelry and posting some of those pictures!  There are so many projects I've made as gifts, but never thought to photograph them first.

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