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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evening Primrose

Have you ever seen an evening primrose?
Our plant shoots up buds
that take a day or two or three to mature,
then unfurl into beautiful yellow flowers,
only in the evening,
and only for that night -
by the morning they are wilting away.
We thought our plant was not coming back this year,
but it has come back with even more plants than last year!
My hubby sets his phone alarm for 8:30 each night
to go out and watch the blossoms unfurl into flowers.
Last night he was very excited because he saw at least 10 buds that could burst,
and we had company -
it's always more exciting with someone to share the beauty!
Unfortunately, the timing seemed to have changed last night;
the flowers had bloomed before they got there :-(
(Primrose images from google images)

We've read that this flower
also comes in purple!


  1. I LOVE that Paul sets his phone alarm to watch
    the blooms unfurl! If they were early last night does that mean the days are getting shorter? :(
    NOT YET!!! We've got a few more weeks of summer to enjoy! I did think that if they came in purple that's the color you would choose! :)
    Have you ever planted moonflowers?...They are white flowers that only bloom at night!

  2. I haven't seen moonflowers yet, but I heard that we have some planted at school...guess I'll have to work late someday!